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a drip || short story

The water trickled along the ground, mixing with mud. An unearthly life I lived. He stood with a smirk, glass sloshing in my face. I could kill for a drip. Stretched from crooked building to work house, the street weaved through the tension. A subtle knife of silence edged into our ribs. He stopped, glass close to empty, water now at my feet. I could kill for a drip. Blood would mix with water would mix with mud, would disappear down the steep hill. Clenching hands, fingernails dug into my palms. I wasn’t human in his eyes. More untouchable than the untouchables.

His eyes averted, distant behind me. I stifled the urge to follow his gaze. I wasn’t safe in this part of town. I watched, helpless, as the water bucketed to the ground. Fury rose to my throat. I could kill for a drip. Nails broke my skin, the palm of my hand speckled with blood. He called out behind me. Footsteps skidded up the street. I stood my ground. My arm twitched for my pocket, his eyes snapping back to me. Large and brown and full of hate. He wasn’t angry, he was proud. The upper hand often did that to someone. His friend appeared by his side, dirt on his hands and knees.

“Aadit, leave this idiot, come play Lagori with us.” His friend said. Aadit looked me up and down. Shoulders tense, blood dripped between my fingers. Mixing with water, mixing with mud. Trickling down the street. He threw the glass to the ground. Glass shards floated. “Come on, we’re setting it up now.” Aadit nodded, his friend running past me. I was already a ghost in this forever mourning country. Invisible again, he left me with the trickling trail of water. I could kill for a drip. My blood lost, weaving through the tension.

I’m finally posting some of my own writing after almost a year. I wrote this story for my literature class, with the prompt of writing from the perspective of an Indian during the ties of Partition. If you want to know more about partition  and the setting of this short story you can  here just a warning though, the documentary is pretty horrific and goes into detail about the horrible things that happened during that time.

Hope you enjoyed this short piece!





Okay I'm willing to start up Compliment War 2.0 here but THAT WAS AMAZING HOW DO YOU WRITE SO DESCRIPTIVELY!!!!?!?! YOU ARE SO TALENTED!!!!! :O :O

16th Oct, 18

AHHHH THENK U??? SO MUCH???? THIS MEANS SO DANG MUCH???? I neeeeed to read some of your (obviously fabulous) writing so I can compliment u bcs u are NOT winning this compliment war

16th Oct, 18

In reply to rhapsody

I compliment you on your compliment war efforts but we all know YOU are the best writer eveeeer on this planet and even in galaxies far far away XP

16th Oct, 18

You and once should co-write something...

17th Oct, 18

omg @once are you down

21st Oct, 18