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holiday gift guide for the booknerds || words in rhapsody

holiday book gift guide ✨

(i just realised I’m writing this right after Hanukkah, so maybe as a late Hanukah present if you celebrate?)

Are you stuck on what to gift your bookish friends these holidays? Got your mind in a muddle on biblio goodies? Having trouble seeking out the treasures for the everyday nerd? I’m here to help!

1 – Favourite Books

Gift them a book you know they would like. Ask them some of their favourite books and scour around to find something similar, something that will give them that same excited feeling. For example, if they enjoyed Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, try A Darker Shade of Magic by V E Schwab. If they enjoyed Simon vs The Homo Sapien Agenda try Radio Silence by Alice Oseman (you thought you would get away with me not mentioning radio silence well think again)

2 – Book Ends

If this fellow book nerd is anything like me, their bookshelf is overflowing and they are having trouble squeezing that extra book in, with book ends this solves the problem! Anything can become a bookshelf! Desk? Bookshelf. Cupboard? Bookshelf. Dining table? Bookshelf. Kitchen bench? Bookshelf. Bathroom sink? Bookshelf. The possibilities are endless! You can also find a bunch of really cute bookends on etsy and various other online sites, or just pop into dymocks who have an assortment of bookish themed book ends.

3 – Fandom

Does this bookish pal have this one particular book they are OBSESSED with? Whether it be a tv show, movie, book, franchise of any kind, getting something related to it will always leave them fangirling. Shops like Zing or Minatour stock all kinds of fandom apparel from t shirts to comics. Or even better, making some fan art is always a good option for fangirls.

4 – Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an excellent gift idea as you can find them anyway, even make them! They’re cheap/free and you can theme them however you want. You could drop into any bookshop, or go onto etsy to support a local artist. Making bookmarks is super easy and fun, I’ve made so many in the past I have a whole basketful! I love gifting them to my friends as well as an extra little present. When making them you can also personalise them for your friend, adding their favourite quotes or writing their names etc.

5 – Candles, Fairy Lights and Decor

There’s nothing like decorating and reorganising bookshelves, so why not give them that extra sha-zam to spice up their shelves? Candles are always cute and there’s heaps of online shops that sell book-related candles. Fairy lights gives that extra aesthetic and bookstagram-worthy pics.  Throw pillows are easy to come by and can drive your book nerd into finally making their ideal cosy reading nook.

6 – Stationery

Every single book nerdian I know LOVES stationery. I don’t know what it is but it gives you that tingly happy feeling when you have all your cute pens all lined up in a row, notebooks all stacked up and so many highlighters everywhere. With the new year just around the corner this is a great time to gift 2019 diaries, so keep an eye out for a cute one. Typo is currently selling a bunch of Harry Potter themed stationery for the holidays so if your friend is a Potterhead jump on that!

I hope these ideas are helpful, I know I’ll be using them. I wish you a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

Until next time,




Oh, thank you so much!! I was running out of ideas to gift cousins, real lifesaver, and Radio Silence needs to be mentioned to anyone who wants to read a really good book (you have converted me I will now spread the Word ;) ).

11th Dec, 18

omg yes just buy fifty copies of radio silence and gift them to EVERYONE hehehe. I'm so glad I've given you some other gift ideas as well!!

12th Dec, 18

Really good ideas! I love Zing and Minotaur way more than I should :')

12th Dec, 18

haha same i could stay in there goggle all the stuff (particularly the harry potter stuff) for hours

13th Dec, 18