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ralph breaks the internet || reviewed in rhapsody

Ralph Breaks the Internet in epth Review

Warning, Spoilers

What would you say if I said that Ralph Breaks the Internet is about Vannellope von Schweetz getting a wlw crush on a hot shot racing driver from a hardcore internet game voiced by Gal Gadot and discusses this crush with other wlw who agree that she is really cool while Ralph comes to terms with his insecurities, vulnerabilities and dependences on Vanellope? Crazy right?

I went into this movie thinking it would be mediocre at best, but I was blown away. At first glance it looks pretty basic, the storyline is simple and it focuses on never giving up on your dreams and how to be a good friend, but it goes deeper then that. Vanellope may not have exactly had a crush per se on this hecking cool racing driver woman named Shank—although i really wish it was a crush for some queer rep ya know—but besides that it does show how women can be inspired by other women and bring each other up and help each other instead of tearing each other down. The scene which you may be familiar with, the Disney Princess scene, shows how they work together and bring each other up, represented at the end of the film when they save Ralph from falling to his death, they do this in spite of people thinking that they need to be saved by a “big strong man” as they say. I was impressed by how well this was discussed and represented (although I really really really wish Vanellope actually had a big flaming gay crush on Shank, it would be adorable)

Ralph’s storyline I was sure going to be a bit of a drag, this is because in the first movie he as a lot of development and his character is rounded out. In Ralph Breaks The Internet, however, it showcases how Ralph is still a very flawed character, for better or worse. He is blinded from his insecurities by his dependence on Vanellope and the constancy he already has in his life. However, Vanellope has a dream of her own, to join the game cast of Slaughter Race, an online game she finds when scouring the internet, yet joining the game means leaving behind the arcade. Leaving behind Ralph. And, of course, Ralph takes this badly because of his dependency on Vanellope and his insecurities make him to do rash and irresponsible things because of his lack of maturity. This sounds harsh, I know, but because of the actions he takes and how he, as they say, “breaks the internet”, he comes to terms with these things and grows as a person. His growth is inspiring and well thought out.

Disney didn’t go into making this film just trying to squeeze out a sequel, they knew that Vanellope and Ralph had more story to tell, more to grow and more to learn. This is a brilliant sequel. It’s completely different to the original and takes on a new look into an existing world, building a complex narrative around the characters rather then the other way around. The main story itself was a bit slow and disinteresting, but it was better that way as we got to focus on the growth of the characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I would definitely recommend it.

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