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update || asdfghjkl life gone hectic

okiieee so my house caught fire and everything is a bit weird right now, don’t worry, my family has everything under control (kind of) it’s more just incredibly inconvenient with exams in less then two weeks.

I’m working on a couple of reviews for a book and a webcomic, so stay tuned for that. Writing updates will come eventually, but I haven’t been working on it as enthusiastically this past week as we haven’t had permanent accomodation, and we probably wont until November sometime. Posting will be slow for the next few weeks as I try to study for exams and help my family with transitioning between homes.

On a lighter note I’ve been reading some amazing books recently!

1 – The Driver’s Seat by Murial Spark

This book is much better going in to without knowing anything, as I did, so you have to piece everything together yourself. A lot of classics I’m not too enthused about, but this is amazing. One of my all time favourites. Murial was an intelligence agent during WWII, her mind is amazing. The reveal and climax of the book happens THREE PAGES from the end. And it all fits together so perfectly. I’m freaking out, everyone has to read this book. (full review coming soon, hopefully)

2 – Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

yeh okay im rereading it. leave me alone its my all time favourite book. go read it. now. pls. it’s so goooood.

3 – Flux by Orion Carloto

A book of poetry, Orion has magic in her words. I’ve only flicked through it, but damn it’s good. Modern poetry is recreating what we once knew to it’s simplest and most authentic form. Yes, sylvia plath and emily dickinson are brilliant, but there is something so beautiful about modern poets like lang leav, rupi kaur and, of course, orion carloto.

4 – In The Dark Spaces by Cally Black

I’m just about to start reading this and am very excited, shortlisted for an inky it delves into a mystery and suspenseful kidnapping. I’m very excited to start it, I’m looking forward to the journey it takes me on.

OKIIEE there we go.

Thank you for reading this quick update, I’m trying to trudge through exams at the moment while my life is so hectic.





Hope your situation improves, so sorry to hear about that :( (but I totally understand why you want to re-read Radio Silence, I've just begun reading it and it is goooood)

22nd Oct, 18

Life slowly getting better ♥︎ AND OMG RADIO SILENCE :D I'm so exciiiited and happy that you're reading it!!! Im so happy you're enjoying it as well!!

22nd Oct, 18

aHHh buddy I hope everything is okay!! good luck with your exams!!

p.s I've heard radio silence is really good, should i read it??

22nd Oct, 18


24th Oct, 18


25th Oct, 18

everything is okey-dokey now!! and no. i don't think you should read radio silence. absolutely terrible idea. nopety nooop. bad plan. don't do it.

but pls read it i lov it so damn much

26th Oct, 18
lefa Centre for Youth Literature

Oh my gosh, that's awful news Rhapsody. I'm glad you and your family are okay.

25th Oct, 18

thank you! everything is so much better now and we have a rental home !

26th Oct, 18